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Power Generation: OEM

Marketing Presenter 013_yellow2.jpgHydratight addresses the bolted joint needs of the power industry as a partner to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

When it comes to joint integrity for applications within a power plant or at the OEMs' various manufacturing facilities, no other company in the world has the range of technology, experience and expertise.

As a partner to these facilities, we are proud to design and manufacture pioneering bolting solutions. Our extensive range of technology and services supplied to the industry includes torque, tension, on-site machining, hydraulic ancillaries, ultrasonic load measurement, induction heating, on-site training and bolting services.

Tooling for Gas Turbine Casing Bolting

Hydratight supplies a comprehensive kit of turbine tools which includes all the necessary equipment to successfully disassemble and re-assemble the turbine casing, allowing for a safe, reliable and fast operation.

We have worked directly with many of the world's leading OEMs for over 40 years, supplying thousands of hydraulic tensioning and torque kits for casing applications and through this collaboration we have perfected the design of this specialist tooling.

Hydratight has supplied customers such as Siemens, ABB and GE with tooling kits tailored to their specific needs which include equipment such as slimline tensioners, micro tensioners, torque wrenches, pumps, hoses, sockets and spares. 

Tooling for Gas Turbine Rotor Bolting

Building on the success of the tensioning technology pioneered by Hydratight, we have developed many Multi-Stud Tensioning Systems (MSTs) for use on gas turbine rotors. These MSTs are used during the stacking of compressor rotors at both original build and refurbishment. The MST concept is ideal for simultaneously and accurately loading every single fastener in the joint.

Hydratight has supplied MSTs in various formats for many different gas turbine applications such as a full ring MST for GE's 6001/6B, a two segment MST for Hitachi's 7000E application, and ring type shop tensioners for Toshiba's 7FA turbine section. 

Tooling for Gas Turbine Maintenance

In addition to the tensioners, torque wrenches and ancillary equipment necessary to perform all of your bolting requirements during an outage, Hydratight has developed specialised outage-specific equipment to perform alignment activities. One of these tools, the Gas Turbine Alignment Jack Kit is used for generator alignment within GE turbines.

The Gas Turbine Alignment Jack Kit in action
Every time a service crew pulls a rotor, they need ensure accurate alignment at the time of re-assembly. The old process of alignment consisted of fabricating a special I-Beam to react off the lifting lugs along the side of the generator. A bottle jack was then used to lift one corner at a time, all in all this would take over 150 man hours to perform.

With the new Hydratight jacking system, four Heavy Lift jacks are positioned on each of the four corners of the generator, these are able to align within 0.0002-0.0003". This whole process can be done in less than three hours.

Contact us to see how this technology could work for your application.

Power Generation: OEM

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