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BOLTSCOPE II Bolt Load Monitoring

BOLTSCOPE II™ is an easy to operate, but very accurate instrument for measuring and recording bolt strain or load. It is particularly useful for verifying manufacturing processes or confirmation on construction sites that local bolt tightening processes are in control.

The BOLTSCOPE II™ measures bolt strain using the well proven principle of measuring the time of flight of an ultrasonic signal. The signal is generated by a transducer and an advanced electronic clock measures the time taken to return to the transducer after reflection from the far end of the bolt or stud.

The BOLTSCOPE™ firmware displays the load, stress or elongation of a fastener through operator setting and pre-loaded compensation data. Built-in A-Scan wave-form displays help the user to place transducers correctly by verifying signal reception.

Material and joint data can be uploaded/downloaded to a PC directly using the Stressware provided. The Stressware allows easy measurement analysis, as well as data reports and information to be saved for periodic comparisons.

Click here to access the BOLTSCOPE II software download page.

BOLTSCOPE II Bolt Load Monitoring

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