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Because we have the people, the products, the global network and the experience

Hydratight pioneered the establishment of a Joint Integrity Assurance offering that combines services such as bolting, machining and flange data management to deliver leak-free start-up and operation at client facilities through integrity management of bolted joints. Today, Hydratight has added Process and Pipeline Services to the legacy Joint Integrity Assurance offering to deliver industry leading process and pipeline cleaning, testing, verification, and integrity management services. The integrated services platform coupled with a thorough understanding of client’s facilities and their needs enables Hydratight to deliver safe and efficient plant start-ups, maintenance and shutdown programs every time, no matter how complex the process.

Health, Safety and Environment

Safety remains the number one priority. Care has to be taken at every stage. We adhere to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental performance, and if we think improvement can be made, we’ll implement our own guidelines. We conduct all of our operations in a manner that promotes safe working practices and avoids undue risk to our employees, clients and the environment.

On-site Services

As a service driven company, we pride ourselves in offering high quality site-based service to complement our extensive product range, through teams of trained and competent technicians. In addition, Hydratight has standardized these services to ensure the delivery of the same highest standards to our customers irrespective of their global location.


Hydratight has developed a comprehensive range of quality engineered products for bolted joint solutions and other professional applications to mechanical structures and pipelines. In addition to the extensive range of products that is available for sale or rent, we also offer custom solutions for unique challenges.


Our high quality services depend on our people. From the initial stages we make sure we become part of your business. We endeavour to understand your processes and deliver accurate and thorough outcomes to problems.

Extensive training of all Hydratight field staff ensures that every pre-commissioning or shutdown project will be executed safely, accurately and professionally. Hydratight is an industry leading provider of training and competence assurance and actively participates in the development of global standards pertaining to service execution. These include standards developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB). This expertise is shared with our clients through the knowledge and capability of our personnel.

Hydratight ultimately improves safety, raises operational efficiency and increases uptime; no matter what industry sector we’re serving, or where we are in the world.