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Hydratight’s latest acquisition Biach Industries

Biach SCTHydratight's latest acquisition Biach Industries, founded in 1955 and based in Cranford, New Jersey (USA), has a formidable reputation for precision bolt tensioning in several fields, most prominently commercial nuclear power generation. In recent years, Biach has developed world-leading expertise and products for reactor pressure vessel head applications; over 90% of US commercial nuclear plants have Biach tensioning systems in use. In addition to nuclear power applications, Biach has supplied tensioning expertise to nuclear submarines, the NASA space shuttle, cable suspension bridges, the refinery and petro-chemical industries and much more.

Biach's staff from Cranford and Flemington have now been fully integrated into Hydratight, bringing with them invaluable nuclear experience, including over 250 cumulative years of application review, equipment design, manufacture and service. Biach's particular strength lies in its ability to custom design tensioning equipment to suit each client's exact application.

Custom bolt and stud tensioning systems, equipment and service

Reactor pressure vessel tensioning systemsReactor pressure vessel tensioning systems - The Biach self-contained tensioner (SCT) for reactor pressure vessels (RPV) is used to tighten the nuts that hold the reactor pressure vessel closure heads.

Electric Stud Drive Tool (ESDT)Electric Stud Drive Tool (ESDT) - The ESDT safely threads studs in and out of nuclear reactor pressure vessels.

Stud Elongation Measuring System (SEMS III)Stud Elongation Measuring System (SEMS III) - SEMS III records and downloads accurate measurements of stud movement.

Electric Pumping System (EPN Pump)Electric Pumping System (EPN Pump) - This new electric/hydraulic pumping system offers greatly increased hydraulic flow rate, along with improved accuracy through a closed loop pressure circuit.

Biach Equipment WorkstationBiach Equipment Workstation - The Biach workstation has been designed for Biach equipment and eliminates the need for using plant cranes, polar, auxiliary, jib, etc

Nuclear Support ServicesNuclear Support Services - Hydratight offers maintenance and outage support services during critical path RPV shutdown activity.

Hydratight’s latest acquisition Biach Industries

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