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Our KPIs

The data we collect - key performance indicators

We have defined a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure safety performance, both in terms of personal safety (the safety of our employees and any other people who could be affected by our activities) and asset integrity (the safe design, operation and maintenance of our facilities).
The selected KPIs are reviewed annually by the organisations leadership with new KPIs added when required to focus attention on the most important elements of our safety performance. The key headline indicators for personal safety are the Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) and Lost Workday Incident Rate (LWIR).
TCIR measures the total number of recordable injuries per 200,000 hours worked; and the LWIR measures the total number of incidents resulting in lost time per 200,000 hours worked. These are standard measures of personal safety performance used by the industry.


Download LWIR chart

Download TCIR chart