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Markets: Mining

dead mine_0.jpgHydratight plays a leading role within the complex and changing world of Global Mining. Hydratight is an unparalleled source for support on heavy mining equipment, ranging from small bucket loader pin bores to the world’s largest vehicle, the Bucyrus Crawler-Transport for NASA.

An OEM that offers patented tools through sales or rental, Hydratight also offers on-site technical support and service as well as customised fabrication. Hydratight offers facilities around the globe, with 24/7 access to trusted mining solutions.

On-site Services for Mining Equipment

miningoperation_yellow2.jpgHydratight delivers the reliability and durability you need, understanding productivity and efficiency are key to mining profitability. Our services include:

  • Specialised on-site field machining
  • Portable boring
  • Synchronised lifting
  • Pre-heating equipment for welding
  • Post-weld stress relieving
  • Repair of mining equipment
  • Overhaul of mining equipment

Specialised On-site Field Machining

Hydratight’s portable machining solutions offers a variety of industry proven tools for the mining industry. In addition to portable milling and boring bars, Hydratight delivers pipe cutting and bevelling, grinding, end prepping and portable heat treating. These tools are available for sale, rental or service with our experienced Hydratight technicians.

Markets: Mining

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