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Wind Power Solutions

Wind turbine bolting solutions

Taking inspiration from global trends in power generation, Hydratight has consistently introduced engineered solutions for supporting the bolted joint needs of the wind energy industry. Over the last 15 years, the Hydratight range of torque and tension bolting solutions has provided our customers with unrivalled performance and integrity through technology, experience and expertise.

Hydratight manufactures and supplies quality products, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the wind energy market. These products assist wind turbine manufacturers and contractors to meet the delivery demands placed upon them, by reducing bolting times and achieving accurate bolt loads every time.

Custom-Engineered Solutions

New bolting applications demand unique solutions that require a team of highly specialised engineers. Working with the latest CAD-CAM software, Hydratight’s engineers have developed custom-engineered tools to solve some of the most demanding field, machining and bolting applications in the world.

When an off-the-shelf tool doesn’t do the job, trust Hydratight to create a customised solution that saves time in a safe and controlled way. Check out our examples of solutions we’ve delivered for our customers.

Maintenance Kits

In addition to the tensioners, torque wrenches and ancillary equipment necessary to perform all of your bolting requirements, Hydratight has developed a range of specialised maintenance kits for any application or make of turbine. To discuss your application in more detail contact your local representative.