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Foundation Bolting Solutions

Wind Turbine - Foundation Bolting Solutions

Hydratight’s range of safe and reliable foundation bolt tensioners will secure any type of bolt to any type of onshore or offshore surface.

Foundation Bolt Tensioner

P1010004_yellow_CleanUp2.jpgThe Foundation Bolt Tensioner was originally developed by Hydratight for a specific application; fixing foundation bolt fasteners on wind turbine towers. Since its invention, the Foundation Bolt Tensioner has been successfully used at many locations throughout the world and is capable of tensioning all of the studs/bolts designed with a Williams, Dyson or similar form.

The Foundation Bolt Tensioner eliminates any potential
thread fit problems by utilising the existing hex nut on
the stressing bar in order to induce the required load.
  • Simultaneous tensioning
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Up to 25mm one stop operation available
  • Interchangeable

Rock Anchor Tensioner

2008-2009 Memory Stick 188_2.jpgThe Rock Anchor Tensioner was specially designed for work on smaller concrete wind turbine bases.

Based on the standard foundation bolt tensioner, the Rock Anchor is custom designed to fit the 2.5in diameter, 150-grade all-thread bar, used to anchor concrete wind turbine pads or bases to the ground.

Elliptical Tensioner

CaliforniaPics 006_yellow_CleanUp2.jpgThis revolutionary new foundation bolt tensioner is perfect for all OEM tower base bolting. The Elliptical Tensioner was designed by Hydratight to meet a specific customer requirement where accessibility was an issue.

The tool has a 20% reduction in width, which allows fit on all applications including the limited clearance inner bolts. Hydratight’s pioneering design enables the tool to work on both number 10 and 11 sized rebar. Safety and performance
enhancementsinclude asymmetric rams, spring-loaded
sockets, spring retraction and a positive stop
to prevent damage by misuse in the field.
  • Asymmetric ram
  • Spring retraction
  • Spring loaded socket
  • Fits number 10 or 11 Williams or Dyson base bolt
  • Suits all applications including limited clearance inner bolts within tower
  • Fits all OEM towers
  • Utilisation of a positive stop eliminates damage risk to piston
  • Light and compact