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Nacelle Bolting Solutions

Wind turbine

Hydratight can provide an array of torque and tensioning tools including the Micro Bolt Tensioner and Torque Wrenches for the safe assembly of blade and bearing bolted applications.

Blade to Bearing and Bearing to Hub Tensioning Systems

DCP02707copy.JPGBlade to Bearing and Bearing to Hub tensioning systems were originally developed to allow the OEM to quickly and accurately tension up to 100% of the fasteners in the joint simultaneously. The key benefit of this system is the flexibility to use any number of tools, pending the unique demands of the manufacturing factory and installation sites. The tools incorporate a spring return, double deck hydraulic chambers, positive stop and geared nut rotation.

Nacelle Tensioning System

DCP03348_large_yellow_CleanUpcopy.jpgThe hydraulic bolt tensioning system for wind turbine blade and bearing to-hub joints is well established and the preferred standard for tightening bolts on these critical applications.

  • Proven time savings of up to 65%
  • Simple to operate
  • Provides accurate and uniform bolt loading
  • Improves performance and reliability

Torque Multiplier

TorqueMultiplier2copy_small.jpgThe Hydratight range of hand operated low input/high output Torque Multipliers offers an efficient, safe and simple solution to bolting problems.

  • Efficient
  • Overload protection
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Reversible

Case Study

An OEM customer asked Hydratight to design a multi-stud tensioning device which was capable of simultaneously tensioning up to 88 bolts, to be used to connect a 38 metre long blade to a bearing slew ring.

Made up of four tool segments, the tools have a built-in gear drive for rapid nut run down, and incorporate Hydratight’s patented vacuum retract mechanism which helps to speed up ram retraction and disassembly. The system and the bolted joint were checked using Hydratight’s ultrasonic bolt stress measuring equipment, which confirmed the accuracy of the tensioning device.

The customer’s wind turbine blade assembly time has been reduced by 65%, whilst bolt load accuracy and consistency have been improved. This results in better joint life, reduced maintenance and increased time savings.