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Tower Bolting Solutions

Wind turbine tower

Hydratight has a vast range of torque and
tension solutions for the onsite assembly of
tower structures.

Micro Bolt Tensioner

Micro Bolt TensionersThe Hydratight Micro Tensioner for Grade 10.9 bolts has been designed to maximise clamping forces and is available as a single deck tool for applications with a wider pitch between the bolts and a double deck tensioner for applications with a smaller pitch.

The tool has been designed for use with hexagon nuts and washers:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Overload and over-stroke protection
  • Geared nut rotation
  • High cycle life

Torque Wrenches

RSL Torque WrenchHydratight’s Hydraulic Torque Wrenches provide a comprehensive range of interchangeable hexagon and square drive heads, ideal when working on a variety of tower flange applications.

  • Minimum maintenance; only three moving parts
  • Safe and durable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fast and versatile

On-Site Machining

DL RicciHydratight's range of milling machines will cover a large range of applications including keyway cutting, turbine bedplates and foundation pads. With the geniSYS 220 portable 3D CNC milling machine, large diameter surfaces can be levelled with a higher level of accuracy by utilising the laser levelling equipment.

Laser levelling equipment can be used to complement all Hydratight on-site machining where accuracy is essential when setting the equipment to existing datum’s, or its orientation to mating equipment.

The equipment can be used to carry out surveys on items such as flange faces or pump bedplates, to identify the degree of distortion prior to a machine being installed. This can help reduce down time by identifying problem areas quickly.