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Bolted joint vs welded joint

Nearly all of the world’s process plants and components are either welded or bolted together. A welded joint has mandated procedures and competency requirements to assure its quality and fitness for purpose. Yet the bolted flange joint historically has few such requirements, despite serving the same purpose – pressurized process containment.

Hydratight’s passion is the bolted joint. We are dedicated to working with clients to mandate the same quality control and assurance requirements for bolted flange joints as welded joints. Central to Hydratight’s approach is a ‘Right First Time’, as opposed to the ‘Leak & Fix’ or ‘Search & Repair’ approach adopted by companies without the specialist knowledge or competencies required to assure bolted flange Joint Integrity.

All of Hydratight’s products and services underpin the principle, increasing control to the process of bolted flange joint assembly will decrease the risk of leaks. Increasing control can be as straightforward as moving from the use of hammers and spanners to hydraulic torque wrenches. For greatest control, and complete elimination of leaks, the adoption of a holistic Joint Integrity program is required which applies the same quality control and assurance requirements to bolted joint assembly as welded joint assembly. This may require the complete outsourcing of all requirements for controlled bolting, flange management, and integrity assurance to a specialist – Hydratight.