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What makes Hydratight different?

Leaks from bolted flange joints are an unnecessary cost to your facility, and pose significant operational, environmental, and safety risks. However Hydratight has proven leaks from bolted flange joints can be eliminated if Hydratight’s approach to Joint Integrity is adopted.

Hydratight’s philosophy.

Prevention not repair of leaks. Bolted flange joint assembly should be subject to the same standards as welded joint assembly.

Hydratight’s approach.

The supply of…

  • Bolting equipment for sale and rental
  • On-site service execution
  • Assurance management services

… combined in a holistic package to ensure leak free startup and operation; delivering and assuring long term Joint Integrity to clients. A Joint Integrity program can be implemented at any stage of an asset’s life from Front End Engineering & Design, through to Decommissioning.

Hydratight’s Credibility.

Hydratight has set industry standards in controlled bolting, flange management, and integrity assurance for more than 20 years; and has successfully implemented Joint Integrity programs on numerous world scale Oil & Gas projects. This has created a capability and proven track record that is unrivalled.