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Stud Elongation Measurement System III (SEMS III)

Hydratight’s nuclear engineers have developed a new, smaller stud elongation measurement system - the SEMS III. It utilises mechanical elements of the SEMS HC along with the new data acquisition and management element. The actual measurements are attained through the SEMS HC’s dedicated pod design to mate with site’s reactor pressure vessel (RVP) stud, the measuring rod and the digital depth micrometer, which provides the readings. The data acquisition element simply plugs into the dial indicator component for downloading readings.


  • Trigger action stores a reading and automatically scrolls to next stud number
  • Arrows on face plate allows the operator to scroll any stud number
  • Stores initial readings and up to two passes of measurements
  • Instantly calculates the elongation and determines if it is acceptable
  • Uses an onboard EEPROM system, which stores measurements in case of loss of battery power
  • Measurements can be downloaded to a PC by an RS232 serial connection
  • Onboard thermal printer can print each measurement or a final list of all measurements
  • Contains separate CPU and printer battery packs to prevent losing measuring functionality if the printer batteries should run low
  • Allows dual usage capability - readings can still be obtained with or without the plug-in pistol grip data acquisition unit


  • Convenient ‘pistol’ grip facilitates handling
  • Weighs less than 2.5 lbs (1.13) (excluding pod), constructed of impact resistant urethane
  • Includes a small cal block and a foam lined container for storage and protection

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Stud Elongation Measurement System III (SEMS III)

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English PDF Document, 1.2 MB
English PDF Document, 1.2 MB

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