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Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

Hydratight's Pipe Cutting and Bevelling tools are now available under the Enerpac brand. Visit for product information.

Clamshell Beveller applicationThe Hydratight series of clamshells are highly portable split frame lathes ideally suited for machining applications within new construction, decommissioning, component replacement, fabrication and refurbishment industries.

The machines are engineered to cut, bevel, counterbore, single point and flange face on pipe and tubing ranging from 0.84 in. (21.34 mm) to 177 in. (4495.8 mm) on all types of materials and wall thicknesses. With six distinct series of machines, an array of accessories and many drive options, there is an ideal configuration to meet most any on-site machining application.

Each machine within the Hydratight series of clamshells is engineered to operate safely and accurately even in the most demanding environments and critical applications. The rugged fixed base, steel pinion gear and high bearing count within each machine result in a rugged combination ready to perform when called upon.

The MM180 is the largest machine within the Hydratight clamshell offering with an application range of 144 in (3657.6 mm) to 177 in (4495.8 mm) OD. The machine is capable of cutting, beveling, facing, boring and OD turning.
The MM120 Clamshell covers an impressive 36 in (914.4 mm) range with a max capacity of 121.5 in (3086.1mm). The MM120 is ideally suited for cutting, beveling, facing and counter boring large diameter pipes, vessels and flanges.
The robust design of the HD series (Heavy Duty) clamshells make them ideal for large diameter heavy wall pipe machining applications.
MS series (Mid-Size) clamshells weigh less than the HD machines but provide greater rigidity than the NB machines.
The NB series (Narrow Body) clamshells are designed with a lower profile for reduced weight and increased functionality in confined work spaces.
The Hydratight range of subsea clamshells offer the same reliable topside performance upgraded for demanding underwater applications.
The perfect choice for small diameter severing and beveling of pipe and tubing.

Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

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