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Clamshell Accessories

Hydratight's Clamshell Pipe Cutting Accessories are now available under the Enerpac brand. Visit for product information.

Hydratight offers a wide range of bolt on accessories which expand the operational capabilities of a standard clamshell configuration. Each accessory is engineered and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the machines themselves. Accessories include tool bits; various styles of tool block slides including axial feed modules; drive motors and mounts; and swivel head, single point and counter bore assemblies.​

Profile Slides

The profile slide attachment is an automated method of single point cutting a weld prep on the end of a pipe using a template to establish the prep profile, which is especially useful on heavy wall weld preps.

The assembly can be mounted on all NB, MS and HD clamshells from 8" (203.2 mm) to 50" (1270 mm) and are available in two models.

Tooling Inserts

Hydratight designs and manufactures a broad range of tool bits to enhance and extend the capabilities of our machines and bolt on accessories. Through the use of certified raw materials and an exacting manufacturing process Hydratight produces bits suitable for the most demanding machining applications.

The Hydratight range includes sever, bevel, double-bevel, compound bevel and counter bore bits as well as a chipless cutter insert. The bit assortment is available in different lengths and types of tool steel to precisely mate tooling with applications. We also offer custom designed tooling for applications not covered by our standard listing. Contact a Hydratight representative for your special tooling needs.

Tool Block Slides

Tool Block Slides.jpg

Hydratight maintains a wide assortment of tool block slides which extend the capabilities of the clamshells. Tool block slides mount directly to the face of the clamshells and accept the full array of Hydratight bits.

The assortment includes various length QuickSlides which, when matched with clamshells, address radial clearance issues and wall thickness prep requirements. In addition to various lengths Hydratight also offers application specific tool blocks including out of round slides for machining deformed pipe and low profile tool blocks which bring the cut line closer to the back of the machine.

Axial Feed Module

Axial Feed Slide.jpg

The axial feed bolts directly to all NB, MS and HD clamshells and is designed to remove material from the OD of a pipe. It is available in three standard ranges including 7.25 in., 5.25 in. and 2.25 in. of axial travel.

Combined with a clamshell the axial feed is ideal for weld overlay removal and for journal turning applications where certain areas of shaft are worn. Hydratight also offers an axial feed assembly for the MC2A for the removal of socket weld joints.

Swivel Head

Swivel Head.jpg

The swivel head attaches to all NB, MS and HD clamshells and provides angle cutting - with up to 60 degrees of adjustability in the head. This bolt on accessory attaches directly to the tool block slide to aid in positioning. 

The swivel head is available in 6 in. (2.5 in. of travel) and 10 in. (6.5 in. of travel) lengths and is ideally suited for facing, RTJ grooves, boring and angle boring.

Single Point

Single Point.jpg

The single point assembly works with all NB, MS and HD clamshells - attaching directly to the tool block slides. The assembly is comprised of a single point facing head matched with a clamshell specific facing bar. The single point head attaches to the bar and is fed radially as the clamshell rotates. In a fixed position the head can be axially advanced manually. The single point is available in 6 in. (2.5 in. of travel) and 10 in. (6.5 in. of travel) lengths.

Counter Bore


The counter bore works with all NB, MS and HD clamshells. This bolt on accessory attaches directly to the tool block slide to aid in positioning and can be installed immediately following sever/bevel applications.

Utilizing the same machine set-up assures that the counter bore assembly is concentric to the sever/bevel cut and perpendicular to the sever line. The counter bore is available in 6 in. (2.5 in. of travel) and 10 in. (6.5 in. of travel) lengths.

Overlay Sander


Hydratight’s Overlay Sander is a bolt-on accessory to the Clamshell series of machines, and is designed to create a smooth surface on critical components. It is capable of removing weld material from stainless, carbon steel, Inconel and alloy 600. As more major components and piping systems are being repaired versus replaced, Hydratight’s Overlay Sander is becoming a popular key accessory solution.

Drive Motors

Drive Motors

Hydraulic, pneumatic or electric drive motors are available for our HD, MS, NB and MC2A Clamshells. Varying speed and torque ratings are offered, to match the motor with the machining application being performed.

Motor mounts attach the chosen drive option to the clamshell. Mounts allow the machine to be configured to specific applications to optimise radical/axial clearance and increase operator safety. They are available in straight back, right angle and front drive reversible options.

Download our Drive Motors data sheets >>​

Clamshell Accessories

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