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Keyway Cutter

​Hydratight's Keyway Cutter is a simple but powerful machine that can easily cut accurate keyways with a finish comparable to ground surfaces. This small, portable milling machine clamps on the end of the shaft (or anywhere along it) and, using a rotary tool, cuts new keyways, or re-cuts worn keyways in-situ. Keyway size and straightness is produced at a high precision. Cutting tools can be reground without affecting machining accuracy.

With the "V" type-mounting base, the Keyway Cutter will self-centre onto an existing shaft, once the milling machine tool is clamped in place. The Keyway Cutter is capable of cutting keyways up to 1" (25.4mm) wide. This compact modular design allows quick set-up in confined work areas.

The Keyway Cutter can accommodate either a pneumatic or hydraulic spindle drive motor.

XYZ Keyway Cutter

The XYZ Keyway Cutter offers all the features of our standard Keyway Cutter, plus the capability of 3 axis milling. This versatility in a milling machine provides users with a variety of creative machining options without costly dismantling. The XYZ Keyway Cutter is perfect for the machining of keyway grooves with more precise specifications and can be mounted anywhere on the shaft, even upside down.

The XYZ Keyway Cutter is capable of cutting keyways in shafts from 4”-24” (101.6 – 609.6mm) in diameter. This compact modular design allows quick set-up and ease of handling in confined work areas.

Keyway Cutter

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