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geniSYS™ II Portable CNC Mill

The geniSYS Portable CNC Mill is now available under the Enerpac brand. Visit for product information.

The Hydratight geniSYS™ II is a highly portable 4-axis CNC milling machine capable of accurate removal of cracked or broken studs and precise refurbishment of damaged threads, without the need for manually controlled drilling or metal disintegration techniques. The full CNC operation allows for accurate and repeatable machining while the motion control command center provides the ultimate in performance monitoring and technician safety.

The geniSYS™ II is entirely computer controlled; providing desired results in a safe and controlled manner, across a range of bolt extraction and threading applications. This includes work on recirculation pumps, turbine cases, heat exchangers, motor bases and many more high impact assets.

• 17.8 in. (452.1 mm) depth of cut to handle the most demanding thread and boring applications
• 3-axis CNC control capability to perform bolt extraction and thread refurbishment in a single set-up
• High tolerance profile rails produce consistent results
• All three axes utilise precision ground ball screws which provide precise movement of the mill head
• Motion control software provides detailed real time feedback on tool positioning and machine operation
The geniSYS™ II is available complete with 3-axis mill assembly, motion control package, all required bits and extensions, optional voltage converter all in a single – easy to deploy – rugged shipping/storage container.
If you’d like to discuss your application in more detail, or want more information about this product, please contact us.


geniSYS™ II Portable CNC Mill

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