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Mini Mill

Extending the range and versatility of Hydratight's (formerly known as DL Ricci) portable milling machines is our new Mini-Mill. Like the Portable Mill, the Mini-Mill is capable of travelling and machining in all axis (XYZ). The lightweight, economical and highly portable Mini-Mill is ideal for onsite machining small areas accurately.

The Mini-Mill can be clamped or bolted directly onto the part being machined or fabricated. Setup jigs and parallel-mounting fixtures can be used to position it for difficult work area conditions. Any machinist familiar with machining practices will find the Mini-Mill simple to setup and operate, even upside down. The Mini-Mill has 3" of "X" travel, 3.25" of "Y" travel and 2" of "Z" travel and accepts end mill shanks of 3/4" diameter.

The air motor powered Mini-Mill is designed for rugged onsite machining such as milling, drilling and boring applications on jobs previously thought to be impossible without extensive disassembly. The adjustable gibs provide smooth, accurate travel in all axis.

The mounting brackets consist of three major pieces for secure and flexible mounting. Portable, economical and powerful, the Mini-Mill can be customised for a variety of applications.

Model X Travel Y Travel Z Travel
Mini Mill 3" 3.25" 2"


Mini Mill

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