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MS-JTL (MS-Journal Turning Lathe) Machine

The MS-JTL combines the best features from our patented Midsize (MS) Clamshell and the field-proven and patented journal turning lathe (JTL) to give a precision machining tool that performs accurate and consistent machining of bearing journals and other round surfaces.

Designed for larger diameter shaft refurbishment (4" to 36.5") the MS-JTL has two feed screws for parallel motion. This results in smoother journal turning and more accuracy. The lightweight design and fully adjustable locators means easy setup of this shaft refurbishment machine.

The unique split frame design of the MS-JTL allows it to clamp over the existing shaft, enhancing setup options. The MS-JTL can be positioned in tight onsite machining areas that need precision machining with minimal operating clearance required.

A two-speed gearbox driven by an electric servo allows for fast setup and smooth surface finishes. Accurate cutting tolerances and exacting surface finishes are achieved through the rigid bearing system and the rugged design of this precision machining system.

This hybrid portable lathe machine can be powered by Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Electric power and comes complete with everything you’ll need to turn shafts for almost any OD turning application.



Custom Engineering Solutions

Some problems demand unique solutions. Engineers at Hydratight deliver accurate, reliable, and cost efficient designs that are customized to meet specified lengths, shaft diameters, restricted clearance areas and so much more. For example, we created a modified version of our JTL that was capable of taper cutting up to 45°. For questions about a custom solution to meet specific needs, contact us.

MS-JTL (MS-Journal Turning Lathe) Machine

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