Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS)

EPRS is an insurance to the asset owner. It is the process of deciding on an emergency repair procedure and retaining the necessary tooling, equipment and services before a situation occurs. With this system in place EPRS can immediately react to unplanned repair, minimising the resultant damage to the environment and field operation.

Hydratight has been providing EPRS coverage since the late 1980’s and is a leading engineering firm in the field of contingency repair. The risk of damage to a pipeline is mitigated throughout every stage of manufacture, deployment and continued assets life; however damage does occur and the asset owner is responsible. Although the perceived risk of damage to pipelines is low, the resultant high cost and exposure that occurs during an emergency is potentially immense.

As part of our EPRS offering we include:


  • MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors and Clamps
  • Swivel Ring Flanges (SRF) & Mis-Alignment Flanges (MAF)
  • Hydratight tension tooling and portable machining


  • Bolting equipment rental and servicing
  • Installation engineers
  • Portable machining rental
  • Secure storage and maintenance
  • Technical support and training


  • EPRS assessment
  • Shared asset negotiation
  • Service recommendation

Hydratight's MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors hold full DNV, Lloyds and ABS type approvals and can be used as permanent or temporary connections for emergency repair, planned shut down and tie-ins, or stored as contingency equipment. Hydratight’s MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors have an approved connector design life of 50 years.

EPRS Membership

Hydratight gets involved from the outset of a project or contingency plan  to provide full consultation services. Working with the operator and asset owners we can assess the specific requirements of a client and provide optimised EPRS solutions. The preferred option can then be matured, detailed and very quickly implemented into an emergency response procedure, but this is only the start of the process.

Once the EPRS is implemented, Hydratight will store and maintain the specific products, while also retaining the required services necessary for an expedited delivery. This includes the continued training of staff and personnel, dry run and response rehearsals, regular maintenance of the tools and equipment, secure storage and contract management.

EPRS Club Membership

With the risk of a pipeline failure considered to be low, it can be difficult to justify the initial capital expenditure required to set up a suite of contingency equipment required for emergency repair.

To bypass this problem, Hydratight offers an EPRS “club” membership where operators and asset owners can pay a low annual rate to have access to shared material and reserved machining capacity. New members have their pipeline requirements assessed and mechanical connectors are designed and approved ready for manufacture.

In the situation that an emergency does occur, the approved designs and stock material can be fast tracked through manufacture and testing to enable quick mobilisation.

Club membership can be supplemented by client specific add-ons to create a bespoke contract and service.

EPRS Add-Ons and Individual Tailored Membership

We can also provide a wide range of products and services in accordance with the operators or asset owners specific project requirements, including:

  • Temporary repair clamps
  • Stored material
  • Stored complete connectors
  • Service agreements
  • Staff training agreements
  • Ongoing EPRS Management

If you’d like to discuss your application in more detail, or want more information, please contact us.

Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS)

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