MORGRIP® Remote Connectors

Hydratight's MORGRIP® Remote Connectors (formerly known as the MORGRIP® 3000R and 3000Ri) offer the same strength, integrity and reliability as the rest of the Mechanical Connectors range, in a deepwater design which requires no diver intervention.

MORGRIP® Remote Connectors enable a mechanical alternative to hyperbaric welding. The Connector is based on a unique pipe gripping and sealing system ensuring no derating of the pipe. MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors have been a core product supplied by Hydratight since the late 1980s and continue to provide innovative engineering solutions within the oil and gas industry.

Features and Benefits:

  • Metal graphite composite sealing which enables the seal to flow around the pipe OD, ensuring a chemically resistant, high temperature, high pressure seal that will not degrade in extreme environments
  • A gripping mechanism is mounted on a tapered housing and when activated this taper enables the balls to roll onto the pipe OD. The load exerted by the gripping element is an engineered value that is dependent on pipe strength and wall thickness. This mechanical design enables operation at any water depth, irrespective of ambient water pressure
  • An external facility pressure tests our connectors to determine joint integrity prior to commissioning
  • Hydratight’s MORGRIP® connectors have full DNV, Lloyds and ABS approvals and can be used as permanent or temporary connections for emergency repair, planned shut down and tie-ins, or stored as contingency equipment
  • Throughout their approved connector design life of 50 years, Hydratight's MORGRIP® connectors provide a totally maintenance free solution
  • Proven track record for remote connector installations through client and subsea contractors (see overleaf for an outline of typical installation methods)

Hydratight's MORGRIP® Remote Connectors have been successfully used in world-first applications of deepwater repair and tie-in, including 4", 12", 16" and 30". We are proud to say that these applications remain unique.

Hydratight World Firsts 

Our team from Hydratight and Statoil ASA in December 2010 successfully completed a major, diverless repair to a 30in, 210bar pipe, 200m down in the Norwegian oil and gas fields – one of the deepest, largest-diameter pipes Hydratight has worked on. 
In 2002, a 12" MORGRIP® 3000R Connector was used to perform a diverless pipeline repair in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea for Norsk Hydro. This became the first and only diverless on-bottom pipeline repair. 
In July 1996 two 16" Remote connectors were used to connect a "Z" shaped spool on the Halten pipe, where the sea-bed climbs from 340 meters to 140 meters up a 28° slope. This was the world's first bare pipe to bare pipe connection to be made without diver intervention. All remote operated connections are engineered on a project-by-project basis. We have DNV Type Approvals for ½" – 44" >2500# suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel and super duplex applications at any water depth.

MORGRIP® Remote Connectors

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