MORGRIP® Subsea Connectors


Hydratight's MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors are used subsea in diver depths for pipeline tie-in and spool repair. The high performance products are designed to be simple and reliable to install with key diver-friendly design features, including "hands-clear" activation and external pressure test. No connector has ever proved impossible to install subsea, and none have ever failed in service. 
Hydratight's MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors boast a 100% leak-free in-service record with over 2500 Connectors deployed to date.

The MORGRIP® Mechanical Connector design uses a unique gripping mechanism and metal graphite composite seals to provide a connector of unrivaled integrity.

All products feature a high integrity design and enhanced performance.

The key benefits of MORGRIP® Subsea Connectors:

  • 100% leak free track record
  • Up to 44” pipe diameter
  • Up to ASME/ANSI Class 2500
  • Higher pressure ratings available on request
  • Metal graphite composite seal
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex compatible
  • NACE compliant
  • External seal testing facility
  • Permanent or temporary solution
  • Comprehensive third-party approvals, including DNV and Lloyds Register and ABS
  • Over 25 years track record
  • Suitable for Hydrocarbon applications
  • At least as strong as the pipe
  • Unique weld strength gripping mechanism
  • Removable and reusable
  • Approved connector design life of 50 years

MORGRIP® Subsea Connectors are available in various configurations including:

  • Flange Adaptor for connecting bare pipe to pre-flanged termination
  • Coupling for connecting bare pipe to bare pipe
Hydratight can provide connectors designed and manufactured to specific requirements for your emergency pipeline repair requirements. Hydratight also offers the "EPRS Club" where operators and asset owners pay an annual fee to have access to shared pre-engineered Connector designs, stock long lead-time materials and reserved machining capacity. For more information on our EPRS Club membership you can download our information sheet or if you'd like to discuss your application in more detail, or want more information about this project, please contact us.

MORGRIP® Subsea Connectors

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