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MORSEAL™ Clamp Products

Hydratight’s MORSEAL Clamp Products are an essential part of our suite of pipe and pipeline integrity products, replacing the need for the welding of topside and subsea oil and gas, and petrochemical applications.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, ratings and arrangements, MORSEAL Clamp Products can besupplied independently, or as part of a larger repair, or for a contingency Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) solution.

Since early 2000 Hydratight's MORSEAL Clamp Products have provided proven leak-free service history, and can be used for all sizes and pressure ratings of carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex pipes and flanges, in critical and non-critical service.

The MORSEAL Clamp Product Range Provides:

  • 100% leak free track record
  • Engineered application specific solution
  • Suitable for all pipe and flange sizes and pressure ratings
  • Rapid response to customer demands
  • Cost effective repair solution
  • 30 years design life as standard
  • NACE compliant for sour service applications
  • Suitable for hydrocarbon applications
  • Pressure containing and structural clamp solutions

The MORSEAL Clamp Product Range is a project-specific engineered solution, supplied to meet our customers’ exacting demands in an expedited program, supported by in-house engineering, manufacturing and testing expertise and an established global supply chain.

MORSEAL Flange Clamp

The Flange Clamp solution is deployed to repair leaking subsea flanged joints using a combination of Hydratight’s low profile, hinged clamp design and our innovative sealant injection system.


MORSEAL Pipe Clamp

The MORSEAL Pipe Clamp solution is deployed to repair a leaking subsea pipeline or topside / onshore pipework, providing a quick, easy and cost effective repair solution to ensure asset integrity is maintained.


MORSEAL Custom Solutions

Some applications demand unique solutions that require a team of highly specialised engineers. Hydratight's  engineering team have developed bespoke solutions to address some of the most demanding topside and subsea applications globally.


MORSEAL™ Hot Tap Tee Clamp

The MORSEAL™ Hot Tap Tee Clamp can be deployed subsea or topside / onshore providing a quick, easy and cost effective weldless flanged branch for hot tapping, allowing the operator to tie in, or bypass an existing pipeline

If you’d like to discuss your application in more detail, or want more information about any of these products, please contact us.