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Turbine Engine Turning Tools

TensionMAX insituHydratight's Sweeney brand of Turning Tools are designed to improve the efficiency of aircraft engine borescope inspection by automating the process of rotor shaft positioning.

Hydratight provides two types of engine rotation tools, a pneumatic version (PTT) and a digital version (DTT). Both versions provide an efficient method for rotating the shaft for borescope inspection.

Our engine turning tools are designed and manufactured for most engine types and applications.


  • Reduced manpower eliminates the need for an additional person to hand crank the engine
  • Reduced inspection time, automatic vs. manual
  • Improved Quality of borescope inspection
  • Easily relocate damaged blades
  • Electronically stored inspection reports (DTT)
  • Printer interface via serial communications port (DTT)
  • Electronics that can be easily updated in the field (DTT)
  • Easily adapted to various engines
  • Power unit will accept shop or aircraft electrical supply voltage (DTT)
  • Uses standard shop air (Pneumatic)
  • Quick installation and hook-up
  • These tools can be operated by a single person

TensionMAX insituDigital Turning Tool
The electric Digital Turnover Tool increases the efficiency of borescope inspection by controlling the engine rotation with a single push button elimination the need for multiple technicians 



TensionMAX insituPneumatic Turning Tool
The pneumatic Turnover Tool provides complete control of the speed and rotation of the rotor rotation and uses standard shop air for operation.




Hydratight can custom design torque multipliers, torque wrenches, and tensioners for any challenging application. If you'd like to discuss your application in more detail please contact the Aero team at Tel: +1 715-627-5500 / Toll Free: 1-800-569-6807 / Fax: 715-627-5554