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The Next Generation of Bolt Tensioners has Arrived

Hydratight's topside tensioners are now available under the Enerpac brand. Visit for product information.

The family of tensioners from Hydratight represents a giant leap in the specialist field of bolt tensioning technology. Unique, groundbreaking and world class, the accuracy and efficiency provided by a single Hydratight technician and tensioner for bolting applications, cannot be matched by any other current technology.

Outstanding results have kept projects on track and our customers keep coming back for more. With up to 30% more load generation than traditional tensioners, not to mention the speed associated with the spring return feature, it's no surprise that Hydratight's tensioners (formerly known as TensionMax) are becoming THE tool to use in a wide range of industries.

Hydratight - Innovators in Joint Integrity

Over the last 30 years, Hydratight has built up expertise in calculating bolt loads for standard and specialised applications.

Standard applications have always been governed by code formulas that only calculate the minimum bolt load required to provide a seal. In a bolted joint, the flange, bolts, nuts, gaskets, geometries and materials are all dimensioned and toleranced. Often however, the bolt load is overlooked.

Hydratight has developed a methodology to overcome this, optimising the bolt load to give a safe, reliable and leak-free value. Unlike other manufacturers, Hydratight takes all factors, including temperature into consideration, when it makes its calculations; delivering world-leading tensioning solutions. Hydratight can also demonstrate that the bolt load calculations it uses have been independently verified. This is a position which no other provider can provide.

The Next Generation of Bolt Tensioners has Arrived

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