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Why Tension?

Diagram of a tesnionerSafe, reliable and repeatable, the use of hydraulic tensioners has many advantages over other less accurate tightening methods:

  • Direct: Tension is applied directly to stretch the bolt, so we don't need to fight against friction or losses.
  • Accurate: The applied load is controlled very accurately, because it is directly proportional to the pressure applied to the tensioner.
  • Calculated: The load transfer factor is calculable, helping to give the correct residual load.
  • Fast: Operation of tooling and improved accuracy reduces time required to retighten the load.
  • Versatile: Tensioning allows for loading multiple fasteners in a joint at the same time.
  • Reliable: Uniform bolt loading ensures a high level of accuracy by applying a consistant force.
  • Stress-free: Purely axial, tensile loading ensures no torsional stresses are introduced.