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More than a pass mark

As spring beckons, students around the world are preparing for exams that will shape their careers.

The results will clearly be important, but each piece of paper also shows commitment to the cause and experience built up over several years. Good employers appreciate this fact.

ASME PCC-1 Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly is more than a piece of paper. To meet these guidelines means an organization strives for the highest quality every time.

Hydratight has done more than pass the test. It has demonstrated high levels of competence and a leak-free record for many years. Hydratight became the first and only company worldwide to achieve 3rd party certification as compliant to ASME PCC-1-2013 from Lloyds Register Energy for the training, qualification and certification of joint assembly personnel.

Becoming a qualifying organization means we achieve the highest recognized standard available anywhere. It means that when we train our people they are tested to this benchmark.  It means we can offer the most highly recognized level of training to our clients too.  This can be delivered through our 17 training centers globally and our highly experienced trainers – some with more than 30 years of industry know how.

Experience matters when working on a bolted flange joint assembly. It goes beyond classroom theory and practical demonstration. ASME PCC-1 stipulates that to work on a bolted flange joint assembly as a qualified bolting specialist at least six months of practical experience and a thorough qualification process is required.

To qualify as a senior bolting specialist, who can supervise others, at least two years’ experience is necessary. An instructor will have to have a minimum of four years’ experience on the job in order to train others.

It is important to recognize that these requirements are not a ‘one-off’ event. Experience shall be recorded and re-validated on an on-going periodic schedule.

These changes provide rigorous training criteria so only knowledgeable technicians should ever work on a bolted joint. It means supervisors know what they are looking for as new people enter work sites. It means a process of constant learning and improvement to ultimately lead to greater safety.

The pass mark is just the beginning. Clients can rest assured that the Hydratight technicians working on their asset not only have the correct qualifications and certification, but they have the practical experience needed to provide leak free start up following construction, maintenance or repair.