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The sum of all parts

Consider the engine of an automobile:

Made up of hundreds of components all working together to function as a single unit, it performs at an optimum level when all the individual parts work at their optimum level. If one part starts malfunctioning, it affects the overall performance of the whole engine.

The same can be said of any piece of machinery or infrastructure. That’s certainly true of any asset which incorporates bolted flange joints as part of its makeup.  Whatever the industry, every critical bolt connection has an optimal performance level that must be met in order for it to function properly.   

Keeping your automobile engine running smoothly is the job for an expert, a mechanic who understands how each part works and knows how to keep them operating at top performance level. It’s not that different with critical bolted flange joints. Correctly bolting joints to ensure operational safety, efficiency and environmental containment can only be achieved by someone who has the expertise and knowledge to identify what values apply, what tools to use and who takes account of the engineering information to accurately calculate bolt load.

Failure to do so can have significant consequences, including of course leakage. Even the tiniest leak can be costly and time consuming to repair; bad enough with one connection, a major issue if it is replicated hundreds or thousands of times with every connection in an asset.

As a long-established and recognised provider of world-class bolted joint solutions, Hydratight's innovation continues to develop new and more efficient ways of working, supporting companies across the globe with a range of next-generation software solutions which provide the assurance that they’re getting it right the first time around.

Hydratight’s Informate software can be used in virtually any situation to calculate bolt loads and stresses, determine tooling pressures, analyze existing connections or test custom-designed connections. The software also gives users a level of self-sufficiency, allowing them to carry out bolt calculations immediately, if and when they need them, and to standardize these calculations to continuously replicate accurate results.

Hydratight’s iDMS software package is used by companies like oil and gas operators or asset owners involved in larger scale projects. It stores “cradle to grave” data on every critical bolted joint in an installation, including maintenance history and specifications, from design all the way through to decommissioning.

The importance of getting things right from the outset and maintaining a good service history can never be underestimated, whether that’s for the automobile engine sitting in your driveway or a billion dollar installation in the middle of the ocean.