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There’s always space for safety improvements

As we approach the topic of safety in the workplace our thoughts remain with colleagues, customers and all those affected by the recent hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean as the hard work of recovery and rebuilding continues.

Health and safety practices shouldn’t be rocket science but rather a set of simple, common sense based steps. Modern Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) programs are ultimately designed to keep people safe from hazards but they must continuously evolve.

NASA has always been light years ahead of innovation to protect its astronauts from the dangers that come from exposure to space. A compete life-support and mobility unit, the spacesuit became a crucial tool in the space program, allowing the freedom to move and work outside of a space station and walk on the moon. It’s essentially used as a one-person spacecraft.

NASA has never stopped improving the design and functionality of its space suits. The latest versions are many times lighter, more comfortable and have better breathing and temperature regulators. Advancements are always about looking after people while increasing productivity.

From deep space to in-depth bolted joint integrity practices, Hydratight relates to the need for continuous improvement, whether it’s in the materials and techniques used to ensure leak free joints or in the investments made in people. We believe in our vision to provide a working environment free from harm by promoting a positive culture of responsibility and an uncompromising willingness to follow correct industry practices and procedures.

When a business puts measures in place to protect its people’s health, safety and wellbeing it is rewarded with pride in a job done right and opens the door for constructive feedback that can be used in the continual drive towards zero incidents. The Hydratight workforce knows that when they step up and take action they will be listened to and change will happen. This will be the core to our approach now and in the future.

Individuals and their colleagues are asked to take ownership of their own wellbeing and report any signs that could affect the way they approach their role, whether office based or in the field. We are all part of a team that cares enough about one another to do the right thing every time there is a choice to be made.

We have focused our efforts on proactive measures, including increased safety observations, increased behavior observations and participation in safety initiatives. These proactive measures build a better picture of how the company is performing and helps identify areas of concern before incidents occur.

The target at Hydratight is Goal Zero, meaning zero quality defects, zero environmental incidents and zero injury or damage. We do not see it as just a logo for safety and environmental activity within the organization, but a statement of intent.

We have set a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure personal safety and asset integrity, gathering data throughout all workscopes. These are regularly reviewed and new areas of improvement added when necessary. Our headline KPIs are the industry recognized Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) and Lost Workday Incident Rate (LWIR).

We look forward to continuing our drive in HSSE, always giving it the space and time it deserves as part of our business.