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In tune with industrial pipeline connectors

The world of music has evolved with modern expectations and the use of newly available technologies. Take grand pianos, which have graced the stages of concert venues, creating a wonderful high-quality sound for showpiece events.

For many years, these pianos were the only percussion instrument used by professional musicians for this purpose. They would not risk losing their audience numbers or stature by compromising with lesser alternatives.

Fast-forward to today and there are many places where a custom-built, well-tuned grand piano has its place, but modern alternatives like the electronic keyboard suit touring bands’ needs for speed and portability.

In the oil and gas industry, many orders are placed for custom technologies which perform very specific roles in the construction, maintenance and decommissioning of high-value assets such as platforms and associated pipeline systems. Customers have often learned the hard way that compromising on the quality of suppliers or technologies can mean returning to the same assets to carry out remedial work.

However, like the technologies now available to bands, there are circumstances where alternatives can replace more costly and heavy solutions without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Throughout the global oil and gas industry, Hydratight’s MORGRIP® Topside Connectors have become known over nearly 30 years as a fire-safe, weldless replacement for permanent or temporary pipe repairs, tie-ins or capping redundant infrastructure.

They have become the go-to solution due to a 100% leak free in-service record. But, for customers seeking a solution for smaller topside repairs, a modern alternative has been developed which can speed up installation times considerably.

The MORGRIP® Compact Connector is for specific 1” to 4” applications and as an in-stock product, rather than a custom solution, can be deployed faster. It is also more portable, so technicians benefit from a product that is up to 80% lighter than the larger, traditional connectors.

It has also been developed with input from customers to ensure it meets expectations, and quality is assured by its high level of testing and DNV GL Type Approval.

Like the keyboard, this new connector series re-creates the best of a previously reliable technology but has been re-engineered to provide a viable choice. The big stage may still require a grand piano, but another approach exists for when the show must go on.