Angling for success in joint criticality

Successful fly-fishing depends on consideration of multiple failure factors. Dull hooks, old or worn line or insufficient knowledge of techniques can all mean losing a fish during the battle.

An angler checks the condition of equipment, knows how to assemble a rod correctly and has the right attitude when it comes to reeling in the catch.

Thorough checks, patience and acting at the right moments are equally vital to the work of Hydratight technicians as they follow strict processes during joint criticality work.

Joint criticality assessments determine the correct inspection points and tightening method to be implemented as well as the competency of the staff required prior to work beginning. On an asset with 50,000 joints this type of work is essential.

Hydratight uses proven risk-based analysis to determine the safety of joints. We have rigorous planning and control measures, data tracking software and joint tagging to ensure the history of a bolted joint is known every time.

We have long-term relationships with plant owners and operators, in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas, nuclear, wind and power generation industries. Knowledge is important. This can come in the form of human expertise and also rigorous data recording systems.

Hydratight specialists work with clients to check the background of joints in scope. We consider service and leak history, contained fluids or gases and temperature during criticality assessments.

Other variables factored into our decision making include lubricant coefficients, gasket type, manufacturer and bolt loads.

The thoroughness of our assessments means we identify joints that are highest risk to the facility, employees and environment if they were to fail in service.

Every good angler spends time on the riverbank ensuring they are properly prepared. At Hydratight, our teams take time to understand each asset they work on and take all steps we know are necessary to avoid failure. Prevention is always preferred to repair.