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The shutdown maintenance race is on the clock

Endurance is a term familiar to both the energy and sports sectors. The generation of fuel, whether through nuclear reaction or producing and processing hydrocarbons, is by nature a 24/7 job. Equipment and personnel must be fit for purpose as the clock ticks on optimum performance and completion.

Ultrarunners are specialists at the top of their game. A select few are prepared to trail run distances of more than 200 miles, repeatedly trying to better their previous times. Organizers must insure safety by putting in place strict rules, limiting numbers and conducting background checks.

At Hydratight we know that all maintenance crews working in the Power, Oil and Gas and Chemical industries during outage and turnaround seasons must be super prepared. Much like ultrarunners, they are the specialists in peak condition for their discipline.

Planned outages and turnarounds allow time for equipment to be serviced, maintained or upgraded, but these are understandably costly undertakings. Every minute a plant or asset is down, there are financial implications. However, owners and management teams know that with safety as the number one priority, planned outages are preferred to emergency shutdowns.

Crews generally take on strenuous work schedules, 12 to 16-hour days, seven days a week, to complete these pressured seasonal periods on time. It’s therefore essential to insure the crew's wellbeing and condition through assessment and adherence to safety best practices.

There is always the opportunity for planned outages and turnarounds to be highly organized. A good team will start preparations months in advance, anticipating risks and scenarios, and having the people and equipment ready.

The process starts with people. Highly trained, competent and proven technicians are constantly required for this type of work, which tests abilities in an exhilarating work environment, builds confidence and creates strong team-work.

At Hydratight, we provide properly trained personnel for outages and turnarounds, who are skilled and equipped for on-site pipe cutting, beveling, milling, boring, heat treating, grinding, on-site bolting services, process and pipeline services and Joint Integrity Assurance™ services.

We work with the teams and site management to insure correct condition monitoring, including advice on nutrition and sleep. To keep the work flowing at pace, equipment and logistics considerations can be arranged months in advance, and with shutdown times to be minimized as much as possible, reliable suppliers and spares on standby are a must.

Following site specific safety and operational plans, the aim is to have the asset up and running again on time, without compromising safety or incurring unnecessary costs. Giving experienced service technicians the time to complete their work during the planned shutdown season avoids any unplanned and costly shutdowns which are considered a significantly greater risk to personnel, equipment, the environment and reputation.

Hydratight technicians can be proud of their efforts of endurance in our customers’ maintenance programs, which make bolted connections safe and leak-free for the long term.