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Tooling manufacturers are the aerospace industry’s reliable support network

The history of aerospace engineering is as complex as the modern-day inventory of equipment and tools required to service state-of-the-art aircraft. Punctuated by periods of warfare, the use of engineering practices and materials have often hit the fast-forward button out of necessity.

For example, jet engines, radar systems and lightweight metal airframes were all accelerated during World War II. Recent conflicts have resulted in advancements in the use of stealth, drone technology and robotics for airborne purposes.Devising professional aerospace tooling for use on commercial and military aircraft, or for custom-engineering packages, demands unique thinking and foresight on market knowledge. This ultimately depends on intuitive understanding and a willingness to develop solutions which are fit-for-purpose, safe and reliable.

The US aerospace industry has great potential to be an innovator, with 13% of the total manufacturing workforce in the country. It relies on developments that come through good engineering and a willingness to try new ideas. Aeronautical engineers must have trust in their teams and the supply chain to deliver this innovation. Within the Sweeney team, we’re able to support or implement changes.

Taking a role as a supporting force for aircraft operators and manufacturers, Sweeney works with our own models of torque wrenches and torque testers, but also provides a manufacturer service center for most of the well-known brands in service. We work with aircraft maintenance schedules, certifying and servicing tools in line with industry standard annual calibration cycles.

Our engineers are also equipped with the latest software to quickly design custom tools, such as torque multipliers and torque wrenches to solve some of the most demanding aerospace applications in the world.

With constant development of new parts for aircraft, incoming safety enhancements and new protocols, this adaptability is expected. Our customers can have confidence in our teams to not only manage full-service inspection, lubrication and certification for their torque tooling, with fully traceable certification and quick turnaround times, but also to think about how improvements could be made.

It’s easy for technicians and engineers to perform their day-to-day routines, repeatedly using the same tools in the same way as always. But, taking a step back to see where they can make a difference, using the impetus of a technological development or industry trend, is the only way progress will be made for our customers who are always thinking of the next big thing to take flight.