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Bolt tensioners fit for purpose on the world stage

Winning the FIFA World Cup requires a team of talented and committed players, executing a well thought out game plan and performing at their peak level of fitness. To achieve positive results each player must be able to perform consistently for the team until the final whistle. If one player is not on the same level, the accuracy and balance of the team is compromised and the outcome less successful. Ultimately, the title winner will have observed their opponents, designed a game plan and executed a reliable strategy designed specifically for the opponents they face.

The importance of observing, planning and executing can also be demonstrated in Joint Integrity programs. Hydratight has consistently shown this worldwide for many years. The selection of a bolt tightening method requires a good understanding of the application. Where the application dictates the use of hydraulic bolt tensioners the outcome can be made more predictable by having quality tools, used by highly trained personnel and executing well thought out procedures.

This strategy is reliable, effective and accurate, which are also considered to be tactics and attributes for winning World Cup teams.

Customers in oil and gas, subsea, nuclear and wind markets frequently ask Hydratight to recommend tightening methods for their projects. For more than 30 years, engineering teams and technicians at Hydratight have been able to advise on the best method of tightening.

Where tensioning has been selected, the joint integrity campaign can be designed to execute the tasks in the most efficient manner.

From a flange sealing point of view, controlling the load very accurately using reliable tools, competent personnel and consistently executed procedures, will result in a safe, leak-free and lasting connection.

Like the 2018 World Cup’s best teams, methods for success can be designed to be simple or more complex depending on the task faced. Likewise tensioning products can be off-the-shelf or can be custom-designed solutions. While customized solutions may be to address envelope parameters or load capacity requirements, they can also be adapted to include smart features (e.g. power-assisted or automated return, geared nut rotation, cycle counting, etc.).

As well as an overall strategy, most of the teams that lift the prestigious trophy include players that have a level of experience from previous international tournaments. Experienced campaigners with more than 50 international appearances are typically part of successful squads, leading younger talent on the field.

Joint Integrity teams also look to draw on the knowledge of experienced personnel to ensure that best practices processes are followed throughout the campaign. All Hydratight technicians undertake theoretical and practical competence programs at the company’s accredited joint integrity colleges, much like pre-tournament training camps. This assures that they have the competence and confidence to perform bolting operations in a controlled and safe manner.

With tensioning taking place on a global scale and across industries, it is vital that strategies, tooling and personnel blend together to deliver consistent success. Similarities can be seen in the best football teams where such attention to detail is always evident.

This year’s winner will have excelled thanks to the selection of highly-trained players, executing a well thought out game plan, focused on a successful outcome. Who would you pick to be on your side?