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Expect Hydratight service technicians to be prepared and adaptable

Fluctuations in industrial activity are expected and as the first months of 2019 close this has been the case. In oil and gas, the Brent Crude price has shifted between $50 and $60 a barrel since the start of the year. With memories of the significant downturn still fresh, companies remain cautious in their commitments.

Hydratight personnel are used to working in industries with peaks and troughs, including wind, which has intensive construction phases, and nuclear, with its short turnaround maintenance schedules.

Owners and project management teams typically make planning and financial outlay decisions in unpredictable conditions. There is often no best time to carry out planned maintenance or upgrades, and clearly safety critical tasks cannot wait.

Over many years, we have worked with customers to make sure their pipe construction, maintenance and repair campaigns are always right first time and leak-free from start-up. Access to trained technicians ensures programs are completed on time or builds in flexibility if they could be scaled up.

Knowing that highly experienced, industry trained professionals are ready and waiting to support when required safeguards against costly delays, which can run into tens of thousands of dollars depending on the type of asset.

Hydratight provides high quality site-based services using industry recognized and approved tooling. These can include bolting services such as torque or tension bolt loading, gasket access, pipe alignment and ultrasonic bolt load management.

Machining services can often include pipe cutting, bevelling, milling, boring, grinding and end prepping. Heat treating, valve testing and leak sealing expertise are also in demand.

There are clear benefits to bringing in expertise for vital bolted joint integrity projects. Hydratight training is known among the best in the world, recommended by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Engineering and Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB).

Turnaround season in the US nuclear industry is an example of when teams ramp up their workload quickly. These scheduled outages and shutdowns of power plant facilities call on additional manpower to meet demanding timelines, often as short as 20 days. We have supported this industry across the country since the early 1990s and understand the requirements to have expertise and stock available at short notice.

Meanwhile, in oil and gas, repairs can also be required within tight timeframes. In contract agreements, we decide on repair procedures and ensure the customer has access to equipment and tooling, as well as expert personnel on standby.

There is never a one-size fits all option in servicing, so having the right choices available for use in a range of markets is crucial. Despite regular external fluctuations, we retain the high-quality, reliable service customers have come to expect.