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What is Integrity Assurance and How can it help deliver leak-free operations?

What is Integrity Assurance?

Integrity – ‘the state of being whole and undivided’.
Assurance – ‘a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise’.

'Integrity Assurance’ is a common term used in the bolting industry – often in relation to bolted flange joints. However, it is in fact an umbrella term covering several different activities regarding leak-free connections. When applied from ‘Front End Engineering Design’ (FEED), through every stage to decommissioning, Integrity Assurance will ensure a leak-free operation.

Why is it important?
Best practice tells us that that leak prevention is better than needing to repair later. Leaks from bolted flanges costs the industry million dollars each a day. First there’s lost revenue, then there’s the additional repair cost to facilities. Add to this the significant operational, environmental, and safety risks, and the need for Integrity Assurance becomes clear.

What are the key components of Integrity Assurance?

1. A Trained and Competent Workforce

Experienced and skilled technicians are the backbone to the effective delivery of controlled bolting, flange management and Integrity Assurance activities.

It is essential that your workforce is not only trained, but is also fully competent. Remember that training teaches people the techniques and knowledge they need to do a job, whereas competency ensures that these skills can be deployed consistently and repeatedly.

2. Quality Tools

To do the job correctly, having access to a wide range high quality tools is essential. Being able to deploy the usual torque and tension tools is pre-requisite, but also having other tools such as nut-splitters, flange pullers and spreaders to hand differentiates specialist integrity assurance providers from general contractors.

3. Consultancy

A consultancy will bring all aspects of Integrity Assurance together and make them work. Choose a company with extensive technical knowledge, decades of experience, and a track record of hundreds of successful leak-free projects across the globe.

Appointing people with the knowledge of how bolted joints behave, and how to manage assembly and tightening during any project phase is vital. Only with this experience will it be possible to determine the tooling and techniques required to manage the project to a successful conclusion.

And finally, a reputable consultancy will be able to troubleshoot any problems you may come across whilst working with bolted joints, resolving issues, and preventing leaks at any stage of a project.

4. Software

Flange Management is a process of tracking, inspecting, and verifying all disturbed connections during a project. Managing this volume of data effectively requires specialist software and trained technicians to use it. The Hydratight iDMS (Integrity Data Management System) was designed and built in-house specifically for this task. It has been a market leader in flange management software since its release.

5. Service – the right technicians, tools, and technical expertise.

Service combines the 4 previous elements above to deliver the task complete to the client. Only trained, experienced and competent technicians using world class tooling should carry out the work. Monitoring and control is provided by purpose-designed software packages.

6. Rental

Because its sometimes better to rent than to buy, a company such as Hydratight can offer a tailored solution to meet a customers’ needs. The ability to ramp up a project quickly is possible through our in-house manufactured rental fleet that’s available worldwide.

6 reasons to trust Hydratight with your next project

1. Integrity Assurance – Providing the full package
Hydratight’s Integrity Assurance offer is not just a single product or service line, it is a philosophy of everything we do. Our foundations as a company are built on understanding our customers’ needs, and understanding how to provide solutions to the most complex problems.

2. Training
Hydratight is one of the leading providers of the bolting industry’s most accepted qualification – the ECITB MJI Training Units. Our in-house experts contribute towards the ongoing development of this standard. With multiple global sites able to deliver the courses - we have the knowledge, competency, and facilities to support any project.

3. ASME Qualified
Following an independent audit by Lloyd's Register Energy, Hydratight was accredited as the world’s first ASME PCC-1-2013 qualifying organisation. Our technicians are trained to work to PCC-1 Appendix A standards - ensuring that whatever the project’s training and competency requirements are, we are able to meet and exceed them.

4. Flange Management worldwide for more than 30 years
Hydratight has led the development and deployment of flange management techniques over the past 3 decades. Projects have been carried out across the globe and at all stages of construction.

5. Access to all of the right tools
As part of the Enerpac Tool Group, Hydratight has access to one of the broadest portfolios of equipment in the industry – all designed based on years of onsite experience and built in-house.

6. Extensive Rental Fleet
All our rental products are meticulously inspected on a regular basis to ensure they meet both our stringent performance criteria and your critical facility needs. In addition to the extensive range of products available for sale or rent, Hydratight also offers specifically customised solutions designed to meet the most unique challenges.

Whatever your project or its challenges, Hydratight has knowledge and experience to help deliver success. Our comprehensive approach is essential to ensure leak-free start up and operation of a safe and effective asset or facility.

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