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Hydratight is at the forefront of bolted flange joint safety with our Joint Integrity approach. It is the cornerstone of a leak-free operation, flawless startups and cost savings. We are able to support clients worldwide through our extensive network of global locations.

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The Hydratight corporate brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the organisation and the industries it serves, its pioneering products and services, and its many accomplishments over the last 35 years.

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This brochure gives an overview of all of Hydratight's specialist products and services, including torque and tension, training, on-site services and software packages. 

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Take a tour of Hydratight's Portable Machining with our 60 second video.

At Hydratight we aim to meet our customers' needs, providing a vast range of in-house manufactured products available for rental worldwide.

With the largest inventory of market leading products, Hydratight brings a truly flexible approach and outstanding value in both bolting and machining, underpinned with local technical support.

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Hydratight’s extensive line of tensioners are suitable for either topside or subsea applications. Safe, reliable, and repeatable, the use of hydraulic tensioners offers many advantages over less accurate tightening methods. Our tools are available through sales, rental or with on-site technical support.

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Hydratight manufactures and supplies quality products, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the wind power market. These products assist wind turbine manufacturers and contractors to meet delivery demands by reducing bolting times and achieving accurate bolt loads every time.

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Hydratight has a strong reputation for its range of hydraulic torque wrenches - based on a steel alloy they are strong, reliable and designed with the user in mind. This brochure provides an overview of Hydratight's torque capabilities, torque power consoles and Hydratight's multipliers.

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Hydratight's range of portable boring bar equipment represents the most advanced technology for on-site boring capability, incorporating leading engineering and cutting edge features for safe, reliable and accurate cutting.

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Available for download; certificates from independent auditors on Hydratight’s quality assurance, health and safety and environmental systems. Unless stated otherwise, certificates downloadable from this page cover several sites. Please open the relevant document to see the list of certified locations.

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Relying on operator skill alone to ensure that the correct load has been applied to a joint can result in a large margin of error; there are instances where a secondary validation should be used. Hydratight’s global fleets have been using ultrasonic technology for more than 25 years, and today we provide two great choices for users. The BoltScope Ultra and the BoltScope Pro ultrasonically measure the actual load in the fastener at point of load and throughout the service life of the fastener.

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