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Hydratight Press Releases

Keep up to date on Hydratight's latest activities with our press releases listed below.

3 October 2018

Global bolted joint integrity specialist Hydratight has introduced an equipment rental program which will allow US customers to lower costs of online bolt renewal operations by up to 40%.

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26 September 2018

Global machining specialist Hydratight has become the first company to use electrical discharge machining (EDM) for maintenance work on a live nuclear reactor pipeline system.

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9 May 2018

Integrity assurance specialist Hydratight has announced a three-year contract with a major North Sea operator to support flange management and end-to-end process services.

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14 March 2018

Global power generation bolting engineered solutions provider Hydratight has secured a contract to provide a newly designed Multi Stud Tensioning (MST) system through a collaborative agreement with local Japanese agents, Yokohama Engineering Services.

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15 January 2018

Joint integrity specialist Hydratight is offering the chance to book a free lunch and learn to hear about the company’s hot bolting services in 2018.

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4 January 2018

Joint integrity specialist Hydratight has strengthened its nuclear portfolio with new contracts across the Eastern USA.

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6 December 2017

Subsea connector specialist Hydratight has completed an oil and gas industry first by supplying and supporting the subsea installation of three remote connectors in just three weeks for Statoil off the west coast of Norway.

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5 December 2017

Hydratight has introduced its new Self Contained Tensioner (SCT) into nuclear maintenance schedules across the USA, to bring safety and speed to the removal of reactor pressure vessel heads for refueling and forced outages.

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20 November 2017

Joint integrity will form the centre of discussions on safety and environmental factors in process systems at the Downstream Caspian and Central Asia conference next week (Tuesday, 28th November to Thursday, 30th November).

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1 November 2017

Joint integrity specialist Hydratight has introduced advanced electronic bolt load monitoring equipment for use on any critical bolted application.

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