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Hydratight boosts nuclear portfolio with specialty services

4 January 2018

Joint integrity specialist Hydratight has strengthened its nuclear portfolio with new contracts across the Eastern USA.

The company announced that it has begun delivering its specialty services, including precision bolting and tensioning of fasteners, heat treating and machining, to clients in Delaware, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Hydratight teams have been deployed to work in nuclear and power generation facilities to complete maintenance and modifications ranging from exchanger facing, turbine flange facing and valve boring, to steam generator replacement, control room panel upgrades and feed water heater replacement.

The various contracts, primarily due to strategic partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), will run until mid-2018 and are subject to extension.

Hydratight’s use of electronic discharge machining (EDM) has become attractive to OEMs, using back-flushing and vacuums to prevent material contaminations as a result of machining, a major concern for most facilities during planned outages.

Steve Earney, Service Sales and Marketing Leader, Hydratight, said: “Our specialty services have provided certain assurances to facilities managers and OEMs, EDM being one of them. We have experienced year on year growth in nuclear and power generation, securing several recent contracts which are now underway.”

“No matter the planned outage or emergency need, our customers know we stand ready with our extensive breadth of services for pipework and major component replacement.”

EDM is a very precise method of working on joints or components and creates microscopic particles which are easily removed by back-flushing or vacuum. The Hydratight process can also be completely contactless, removing any tool pressure from the surface being worked on, allowing machining on a charged line without system shutdown.

Hydratight has offered its services to the nuclear and power generation industries for more than 30 years.

More about Hydratight:

Hydratight provides world-class bolted joint solutions and machining services, plus innovative mechanical weldless connectors, to power generation, oil and gas, nuclear, wind and aerospace industries. Over the last 20 years Hydratight has pioneered systems for complete joint integrity assurance that are now incorporated in industry-wide safe-working guidelines around the world.

Hydratight is wholly owned by Actuant Corporation, a diversified industrial company serving customers from operations in more than 30 countries and headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Actuant trades on the NYSE under the symbol ATU. For further information on Actuant and its businesses, visit the company’s website at