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Online Pipeline Repair Service Cuts Production Downtime

5 June 2019

Hydratight, an Enerpac brand, announces speciality service products for the online repair of corroded or damaged pipelines/pipes and flanges. For the first time, upstream and downstream plant operators have a single source for permanent and temporary pipe and flange repairs, avoiding unscheduled disruption to plant processing.

Faced with eliminating the need for unscheduled plant downtime while maintaining increasingly ageing assets, the Online Repair Service Product offering is designed to ensure the plant remains fully operational while necessary repairs are conducted. It includes the MORSEAL leak sealing clamp, MorSafe Flange Clamp for on-line bolt renewal while under operating pressure, and composite repair solutions.

“While pipeline and flange leaks are inevitable as assets age, the consequential disruption to production isn’t. Our specialty online repair service products are here to ensure it’s business as usual,” says David Tromans, Global Product Manager at Enerpac. “Drawing on many years’ experience of successfully implementing pipeline and pipe repairs, we’re able to offer a range of repair options grounded in the real needs of plant operators for fast and effective solutions.”

In addition to providing stocked, standard and custom engineered products, the Enerpac Online Repair Service draws on a dedicated team of skilled professionals to implement online repair solutions from its Enerpac offices globally.

Rapid Response

Recent Online Repair Service projects have included the rapid response repair of a leaking subsea pipeline in the Lower Congo basin. Working at 85m water depth, Enerpac deployed a MORSEAL Flange Clamp system to repair the 254mm diameter leaking flange in just 5 weeks. The MORSEAL clamp wrapped around the flange and adjacent pipe providing a quick, hot-work free, and diver friendly installation.

Wellhead Bolt Replacement – Field Life Extension

Wellhead bolt failure and integrity loss is a significant risk for aging offshore platforms. Aligned to the standard MorSafe product Enerpac has developed a custom MorSafe cold bolting solution that is proven to be safer, more cost effective, less invasive, and much quicker to execute than conventional methods. Severely corroded clamp connection bolts for Xmas Trees can be replaced within a single 12 hour shift, rather than weeks.

The MorSafe wellhead cold bolting solution has now been successfully deployed on 10 platforms as part of a field life extension program. All bolt replacement operations on each platform were completed within 12 hours and without incident.

For more information on the Enerpac Online Repair Service for pipeline/pipes and flanges, visit MORSEAL Clamp Products and Hot Bolting Services.