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Hydratight celebrates 25 years as ECITB Approved Training Provider

14 January 2020

Global services and training company, Hydratight, is celebrating 25 years as an ECITB approved training provider in the area of mechanical joint integrity and on-site machining.

Hydratight has worked with the ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) to deliver specialist bolting training programmes since 1994 including the introduction of the Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) programme from 2011 as well as the development and delivery of ECITB On-Site Machining training programmes since 2015.

With a track record of over 14,000 learners during this period and as a leading provider in this specialist area, the company is marking this training milestone with the implementation of a new eLearning initiative to include ECITB computer-based refresher training options, bringing experienced workers up-to-date with current industry best practice.

“With the announcement of our eLearning initiative, we are putting in place a Learning Development Management System (LDMS) framework that will include a suite of eLearning courses specific to ECITB MJI refresher training, with additional OSM refresher training courses planned for future development,” says Jason Barnard, Global Technical Competency Manager, Hydratight.

Training Award Nomination

Hydratight’s ECITB approved programmes provide a method of training and validation of skills after a period of workplace experience covering learning outcomes relevant to safety and Joint Integrity Assurance™ when carrying out torque tightening, bolt tensioning, pipe cutting, weld preparation, joint face machining and milling activities.

“We congratulate Hydratight on their 25th Anniversary as an ECITB training provider,” says Blair Barclay, Provider Technical Manager. “The Hydratight team has been pivotal to the success and high standard of the Mechanical Joint Integrity and On-Site Machining training programmes. It is only fitting that this unrivalled track record and alignment with the ECITB strategy for leading industry learning has resulted in Hydratight’s selection as a finalist in the “Approved Training Provider” category at the ECI Training & Development Awards 2019.”

Global Training Academies

Hydratight training and technical testing is conducted from UK training academies in Aberdeen, Morpeth, Darlaston and also its international training academies. Each facility is equipped with dedicated practical training rigs including pressure vessels, heat exchangers and various pipe work systems with typical flange/clamp arrangements simulating onsite activities for machining and bolting services. Custom training is also available at either a Hydratight training academy or at customer sites using portable training rigs.

Building foundations through a collaborative approach, Hydratight has facilitated the approval of the Enerpac Academy, the first ECITB MJI approved training provider in the Netherlands and Mirage Machines as an ECITB On-Site Machining approved training provider, taking advantage of a combined international distribution network to further promote ECITB programmes.

Industry Experienced Trainers

A blended learning approach is delivered, accommodating a full range of learning styles via a combination of technical theory, hands-on practical exercises and interactive online knowledge testing via a global team of ECITB approved trainer/examiners.

All Hydratight Training Instructors are qualified internally and externally with extensive onsite experience at a supervisory level. “Unlike other training providers that may either sub-contract or buy-in training courses, at Hydratight we have our own dedicated team of trainers who have many years’ of industrial bolting and on-site machining experience before they progress into a Hydratight training role,” notes Barnard.

Route to Competency

The “Route to Competency” in regard to training and competence, experience and knowledge are also often confused with each other. Training alone does not guarantee competence and experience alone does not verify knowledge or understanding.

Fundamental to the Joint Integrity Assurance™ process is the competence of the personnel involved in the disassembly, inspection, repair, assembly and tightening of bolted connections, including subcontractors during a shutdown when resource is at its peak.

Jason Barnard again. “While initial training provides an education on the specific standard it does not prove competence in the task and for Hydratight, a best practice “Route to Competency” process is a combination of all four essential elements which follows a documented and traceable path of evidence including: structured training, workplace experience, initial assessment and finally ongoing assessment.”

For more information on Hydratight’s training portfolio including ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity and On-site Machining programmes, visit Hydratight Training.