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Timely Vessel Repair at a Petrochem Plant by Hydratight

14 January 2020

Leading integrity assurance specialist, Hydratight, has successfully completed the repair of a petrol vessel at a leading petrochemicals facility in northern Germany. Using proven composite wrap repair technology developed by international adhesive technology firm Henkel, the Hydratight repair allowing petrochem processing to continue until a new petrol vessel could be installed.

The potential problems, reduced wall thickness and stress corrosion cracking, were identified during a planned shutdown. Due to the long lead time for the procurement of a replacement vessel, Hydratight was contacted to repair the vessel to allow production to continue in the intervening period.

The key drivers for this project were the need for a quick repair, whilst ultimately maintaining vessel integrity, and safeguarding health and safety, to enable the plant to return to production.

Composite Wrap Vessel Repair

Hydratight proposed the Loctite® Composite Wrap Repair providing a temporary solution that reduces the need for costly steel replacements and reduces repair time. The Composite was specifically developed to meet the requirements of ISO 24817 and is certified by DNV GL, Lloyds Register and TUV Rheinland. Upon contract award the timeline available for the necessary preparation, engineering, material procurement and manpower mobilisation was expedited, enabling Hydratight to complete the vessel repair within two weeks.

“This was a significant project for both Hydratight and our partner Henkel, due to the large size of the petrol vessel, 3500mm diameter, 15500mm length and surface area 200 sq. mt , with several protruding pipes and the expedited deployment of the composite wrap repair solution,” says Frank Koch – Commercial Director Leak Sealing, Hydratight.

Composite Wrap Repair is an essential part of Hydratight's portfolio of specialty services, providing online solutions for asset repair, maintenance & modification, which includes MORSEAL Leak Sealing, Split Sleeve Repair Clamps, and MorSafe Hot Bolting & Flange Integrity Clamps. Most of these solutions are Available in a wide variety of sizes, ratings and arrangements, which can be supplied independently or as part of a larger scope.

For more information on Hydratight and Composite Repair visit Hydratight Services.