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Bolting and Bolted Joint Integrity

_X2J1020_yellow_CleanUp2.jpgOur teams of highly trained and experienced service engineers make leak-free bolted connections safely and competently and with full regard to the environment.

We use innovative, purpose designed products to ensure that all bolting operations, will be carried out efficiently and safely. Our well trained crews will ensure that correct bolt loads are achieved and not just applied. We pride ourselves in providing an unrivaled quality of service and value for money.

Controlled Bolting - Torque and Tension

Our highly trained and competent service teams inspire confidence that all bolting operations, whether torque or tension bolt loading, will be carried out efficiently and safely, ensuring the correct bolt loads are achieved and not just applied. We incorporate our innovative purpose-built products and multi-skilled crews to provide an unrivalled quality of service and value for money.

Gasket Access - Flange Spreading

A leak-free start up is a goal more readily achieved by replacement of worn or damaged gaskets, however, this operation can be time consuming. Moving pipes out of alignment to access gaskets can prove a major task. Highly skilled Hydratight technicians can quickly access gaskets using our purpose-built flange spreaders to assess gasket integrity and replace as necessary.

Pipe Alignment - Flange Pulling

Avoid delays caused by the commonly occurring misalignment of pipe with Hydratight’s Flange Puller, professionally operated by our technicians to quickly orientate pipes and make the connection with the minimum of downtime.

Seized Nut Splitting

The combination of Hydratight's unique tools and expert operators ensures that seized and corroded nuts, which can severely delay a well-planned maintenance schedule, will never trouble you again. Hydratight's nut splitting service quickly removes seized and corroded nuts ensuring all deadlines are achieved.

Ultrasonic Bolt Load Management

Achieving the correct load in a bolt is a more complex science than it may first appear. Variables such as friction, temperature and machining tolerance can all dramatically affect the residual load in a bolt after force has been applied. In many critical applications, confirmation of the residual load is a necessity. Hydratight’s Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measurement service provides assurance for all critical applications.

For services available in your area please contact your local representative.

Bolting and Bolted Joint Integrity

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