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Composite Repair

Hydratight’s Composite Repair service employs trained and competent technicians to reinforce and seal corroded or at-risk piping with Loctite composite repair solutions. This service is a fast and economical alternative to pipe replacement or welding, eliminating the need for a shutdown in most instances. Hydratight has partnered with Henkel to be a primary service provider for their Loctite composite repair solutions.

The innovative repair solutions for steel pipes by Loctite are designed for high pressure, high temperature and chemical resistance and have received Lloyd’s Register Type Approval and DNV GL certification in meeting the requirements of ISO 24817 for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

Application areas:
• Repair system for steel pipes, pipelines and tanks
• For internal and external corrosion
• Equipment subject to chemical attack or mechanical wear
• Complex geometries: bends, tees, reducers and flanges
• Oil and gas industry, refineries and petrochemical plants, power plants, water utilities, etc.

• Increase pipe lifetime by up to 20 years
• No need to replace pipes
• In-situ repair without interruption of operations
• Tailor-made repair solutions including specific calculations of repair designs
• Fast and economical repair solution
• Certified technicians

​Hydratight technicians, in collaboration with Henkel engineers, use a calculation and documentation tool to factor in all of the parameters of the pipework to determine the appropriate repair approach. Upon client review and approval of the documentation, the required materials and tooling can be quickly mobilized to the jobsite. Following strict quality program procedures, Hydratight technicians will prepare the pipe or component surface by grit blasting or wire brushing, cleaning the surface and applying a corrosion inhibitor. Next, superior metal is applied as a defect filler prior to applying the appropriate reinforcement that consists of multiple layers of resin and glass-carbon fibre tape. A sprayable or brushable ceramic coating can is then applied to create a top finish.

Two different solutions are available:
• Standard temperatures: Operating up to 176°F / 80°C (158°F / 70°C for B Repair)
• Elevated temperatures: Operating up to 266°F / 130°C

If you would like to discuss your application in more detail, or want more information about this service, ​please contact us.