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Air Blowing

Engineered air blowing is an efficient way to remove construction debris, loose rust, liquids, and other contaminants from process piping.

Every air blow procedure is specifically engineered for the individual system being cleaned. This approach provides numerous benefits for our clients, including time effective execution by efficiently sequencing the blows, thorough cleaning guaranteed by achieving an optimal cleaning force ratio of at least 1.5 (CFR > 1.5), and safe field execution through following the best industry practices.

Compressed air can be used for system dehydrating and dewatering. Compressor spreads can provide large volumes of -60 ̊C dew point air, which, combined with foam pigs and brush pigs can clean and dry pipelines to a very high standard. This service can be used in conjunction with air blowing.


  • Removal of construction debris and velocity cleaning
  • Pre-heating, heating, and cooling of process vessels, reactors, and systems
  • De-watering and drying
  • Pigging and drying pipelines
  • Pipeline pre-packing
  • Pneumatic pressure testing
  • Leak testing
  • Pre-tensioning pipelines

Air Blowing

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