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Hydratight provides a large range of fluid filtration services, from ensuring large particulate is filtered out of testing water to providing reverse osmosis filtration for boiler feed water.

Bag filtration is an economical filtration method consisting of three components: a pressure vessel, micron-rated filter bags, and a filter bag retainer basket. Filter bags vary from 1 micron absolute to 100 micron nominal, depending on client request specification. The filter bags are highly efficient at 99% for absolute filter bags and above 80% for nominal bags. If required, we can perform laboratory analysis to ensure particulate filtration results meet specific cleanliness standards (ISO 4406 or NAS 1638). 

Our reverse osmosis skid provides a high quality water purification solution. It is commonly used in plants for demineralizing water for boiler feed water applications.We provide boiler feed quality water before a permanent treatment plant is operational, which helps to kick start the operation of the plant’s water treatment facilities. 

Hydratight’s coalescing filters are specifically designed for removal of emulsified water from hydrocarbons. Mechanical coalescers employ filter media to make droplets coalesce. This technology is ideal for separating hydrocarbons from water and vice versa.


  • Providing filtration for cooling water systems start-up and circulation
  • Meeting requirements for product cleanliness
  • Maintaining cleanliness of water for testing
  • Demineralising water for boiler feed water applications
  • Oil removal from produced water


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