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Hydro-milling, also known as water jetting, retro-jetting or hydro-jetting, is an efficient method of cleaning industrial piping through the implementation of high pressure water nozzles and jets.

Newly installed process piping typically contains amounts of foreign debris. These residual deposits can potentially compromise system reliability and lead to premature system degradation and catastrophic failure during plant operation. In order to help preserve the long-term integrity of these process piping systems, hydro-milling can be used to remove all undesirable foreign contaminants and particulate matter.

Benefits of hydro-milling

  • Reduced commissioning durations (i.e., steam blows) on boiler feedwater and steam systems
  • High degree of cleanliness on non-critical and critical systems
  • Can be completed in a variety of conditions, including subzero climates
  • Removes both fine and large particles
  • Lower water requirements compared to conventional water flushes
  • Water recycling capability with minimal waste disposal requirements


  • Boiler feedwater systems
  • Steam systems
  • Water systems
  • Removal of internal pipe corrosion


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