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Oil Flushing

Hydratight utilises in-house designed flushing skids (FS), which are self-contained units that include an onboard pump, heater, mixing tank, reverse flow manifold, and filtration system to capture insoluble matter.

Flushing of hydraulic and lubrication oil systems is used to ensure that new rotating and hydraulic equipment will start up and operate as designed, significantly reducing the potential for premature failure. 

Maintenance and downtime on equipment can be minimized by performing an effective system cleaning during commissioning and following periodic maintenance and repair services. Any facility that has a low tolerance for system failures will find this service to be a pillar in their preventative maintenance program. Contaminants such as water, rust, loose scale, weld slag, sand, dirt, and oils are removed from the system with a proper preoperational cleaning.


  • Cleaning of hydraulic control systems (e.g., systems controlling large isolation valves on coker drums and jacking systems for offshore equipment)
  • Rotating equipment lubrication oil system cleaning (e.g., steam turbines, compressors, large pumps, and gas turbine systems)

Oil Flushing

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