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Nitrogen is used in many upstream services, the most common being displacement/stimulation and hydrostatic column reduction.

Displacement/stimulation services range from well displacements to fracturing or acid stimulations. While being used in fracturing services, nitrogen is typically used to assist in carrying the sand and fluid into formation, as well as providing energy during flow back operations to remove the fluid from the well. The same is true for nitrified acid or chemical treatments in which nitrogen is used to aid in formation penetration, and to help spent acid or stimulation chemistry flow back to the surface.

In hydrostatic reduction services, nitrogen is used to lighten the column weight to prevent formation damage, as can happen in underbalanced drilling, nitrified cementing, or freeing differentially stuck drill pipes. It can also be used to assist in lifting produced fluids to the surface of the well.


  • Well cleanouts
  • Gas lift
  • Stuck drill pipe
  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Nitrified fluid injection
  • Well integrity testing
  • Fracturing applications
  • Coil tubing operations
  • Pressure testing
  • Well displacement
  • Well injection testing
  • Foamed cement operations