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Topside Bolted Joint Integrity Courses

Our training courses are delivered at all Hydratight Global locations and also at client’s onshore premises upon request:

Hydratight Bolted Joint Integrity Units:

  • HT10 Bolted Joint Integrity and Hand Tightening – 1 Day
  • HT18 Bolted Joint Integrity and Hydraulic Tensioning - 1 Day
  • HT19 Bolted Joint Integrity and Hydraulic Torque Tightening - 1 Day

ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity Units

  • MJI10 Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques - 1 Day
  • MJI18 Hydraulically Tensioned Bolted Connection Techniques – 1 Day
  • MJI19 Hydraulically Torqued Bolted Connection Techniques – 1.5 Days
  • MJI10/18/19 Mechanical Joint Integrity Package – 2.5 Days

ASME PCC-1-2013 Appendix A

  • Training of Fundamentals – 2 Days
  • Powered Equipment – 1 Day
  • Heat Exchanger – 1 Day
  • Special Joint – 1 Day


Hydratight provides a comprehensive technical theory program covering the safety, technical and operational elements of the activity and equipment.


Hydratight has well established training centres with dedicated practical training rigs including pressure vessels, exchangers, various pipe work systems with typical flange/clamp arrangements simulating onsite activities for onsite machining and bolting services. Health and safety practices remain fundamental to our delivery and all training centres follow and use standard site based procedures and a task based risk assessment process during training and assessment.


  • A motivated workforce with best practice skills
  • Accredited and certified route of training provision
  • Reduced costs due to our "right first time" philosophy
  • Legislation compliance
  • Access to the latest technical standards and procedures
  • Networking opportunities with global technical support


All of the above courses are supported by documented training procedures and for additional non-accredited qualification or assessment programmes the procedures below will be applied:

  • Training via Hydratight only
  • Recorded workplace experience using Hydratight documentation
  • Employer/employee endorsement
  • Technical theory testing/examination
  • Practical assessment/examination
  • 3 year renewal process

Custom Courses

Additional Training Courses are available specific to all Hydratight equipment, services and regions. Custom training courses can also be commissioned and delivered to suit our clients systems of work and/or equipment.

Training Instructors

All Hydratight Training Instructors are qualified internally and externally with extensive onsite experience at supervisory level.


Please contact to request suitable dates and more course details

Topside Bolted Joint Integrity Courses

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